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World No Tobacco Day 2023: We need food, not tobacco, in an age of mega threats

The theme for this year’s World No Tobacco Day, “We need food, not tobacco,” to be commemorated on May 31, is apt given the rising food insecurity around the world. It aims to raise awareness about alternative crop production and marketing opportunities for tobacco farmers.

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Tobacco Use, “Deaths of Despair”, and Widening Inequality in Life Expectancy in the United States

There is substantial concern in the United States (U.S.) today about growing income inequality and the dramatic increase in life expectancy inequality.  As discussed below, tobacco use plays an important role in these disparities.

The Global Toll of Preventable Cardiovascular Disease

The Global Toll of Preventable Cardiovascular Disease: Why Does It Matter?

Sudden and unexpected, often appearing without previous symptoms or warnings, are terms that appropriately describe the utter shock that some of us feel when we learn after a relatively non-invasive angiogram test that we have a severe artery blockage that put us at high risk of suffering a deadly heart attack or stroke if no…

A Policy Perspective on Climate Change, Health, and Health Systems

A Policy Perspective on Climate Change, Health, and Health Systems

Back in 2015, in his powerful Encyclical Letter “Laudato Si” or “Praise Be to You”, Pope Francis made a powerful statement, unifying both the spiritual and scientific dimensions of life, on one of humanity’s greatest challenges in the 21st Century: environmental destruction and climate change.

Webinars / Videos

The Future of Net Zero is Tobacco Free – Rebecca Brown, ClimaTech 2024

Watch Rebecca Brown, USA Director, present her Future Talk “The Future of Net Zero is Tobacco Free”, at ClimaTech 2024.

World No Tobacco Day 2023

A message from Tobacco Free Portfolios Founder & CEO, Dr Bronwyn King on World No Tobacco Day 2023.

YourStake, Your Story with Tobacco Free Portfolios: Earth Day Special

Join co-founder Gabe Rissman and Rebecca Brown of Tobacco Free Portfolios as they discuss how Financial Advisors can join the movement to tobacco-free finance.  

A World Without Tobacco Post Pandemic – 2021 Webinar

Tobacco Free Portfolios was pleased to host a webinar in March, 2021, alongside global thought leaders from American Cancer Society, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Truth Initiative, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids and The Center for Black Health & Equity to showcase the broad cross section of major tobacco control initiatives. The panel of speakers…

International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) Webinar

Tobacco Free Portfolios, together with the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF), were pleased to co-host the webinar ‘Aligning portfolios with international treaties – where does tobacco fit in?’. In this video, hear from finance leaders who have gone tobacco-free, including Ian Silk, CEO AustralianSuper, Oliver Rousseau, Executive Director Fonds de Reserve Pour Les…

Australia’s Leading CEOs Go Tobacco-Free

Hear from some of Australia’s leading CEOs on why they went tobacco-free, why tobacco-free finance is an important step on the sustainable journey, what they would say to super funds that haven’t gone tobacco-free and how they feel leading a super fund that is tobacco-free.  


June 2024 Newsletter

Tobacco Free Portfolios was proud to host an exclusive rooftop event to celebrate World No Tobacco Day in London. We welcomed a host of finance leaders who joined us to discuss the benefits of tobacco-free finance. Back in the USA, our US Director – Rebecca Brown – was invited to give a keynote speech at…

March 2024 Newsletter

Happy Year of the Dragon!  Welcome to Tobacco Free Portfolios’ refreshed newsletter format – the first for 2024 – we hope your year has been off to a terrific start.  Our small but mighty team has hit the ground running.  Rebecca enjoyed catching up with our colleagues in sustainable finance at the IFRS Symposium in…

May 2023 Newsletter

2023 has been a busy year so far for the Tobacco Free Portfolios team! We welcome the action of governments around the globe who are trying to reduce the impact of tobacco, not just on people but also the planet. The Dutch government is leading a push for the EU to consider banning cigarette filters…

June 2022 Newsletter

On World No Tobacco Day – 31 May 2022 – we were thrilled to learn that Tobacco Free Portfolios had received a WHO Director-General Special Award for accomplishments in tobacco control. On behalf of the whole TFP team, I’m delighted to accept this award and extremely proud of the efforts of our small but mighty…

December 2021 Newsletter

There are now 178 Signatories of the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge from 21 countries representing over US$12.2 trillion in assets under management. COP26 and Net Zero commitments have dominated the sustainable finance landscape of late. Given the profoundly negative impact of tobacco on the environment – in terms of ocean plastic, deforestation, biodiversity loss and carbon footprint (as large as…

June 2021 Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter

We were thrilled to see our Global Ambassador, Her Royal Highness Princess Dina Mired of Jordan accept the prestigious ‘World No Tobacco Day’ award from Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization. We’d like to formally thank Princess Dina for her tireless commitment to tobacco control and send our hearty congratulations on this…


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