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Research / Reports

The Tobacco Report

This study researches the performance of a portfolio excluding tobacco over 20 years and investigated financial results at varying levels of tobacco exclusion. Key takeaways included that portfolios with very strict tobacco exclusions outperformed the market (in a six year study) and an index portfolio without tobacco didn’t underperform the index with tobacco, over the last 20 years.

Tobacco: Reviewing the Growing Financial Risks

Tobacco presents an array of health, ethical and social risks that are well-known and long- studied. This report, drawing on new academic analysis from Maastricht University School of Business and Economics demonstrates that declining returns and growing business threats present a clear and present financial risk for investors in tobacco.

The Future of Tobacco Stocks – A Scenario Analysis

Analysing the tobacco industry from a political, economic, social and technological perspective, Maastricht University’s report aims to gain a better understanding of the intrinsic value of tobacco stocks in light of all recent potential risk factors by using the technique of scenario analysis. The report suggests significant potential downside risk.

Webinars / Videos

High-Level Webinar

For World No Tobacco Day 2020, Tobacco Free Portfolios together with the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and Principles for Responsible Investment co-hosted a high-level webinar to showcase progress in attracting new signatories to the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge.


June 2020 Newsletter

COVID-19 has presented many challenges to communities across the globe and we send our support to all those who have been and continue to be impacted. Many have emphasised how important Tobacco Free Portfolios’ work is right now, including finance leaders who continue to prioritise global health through new tobacco-free decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic….

December 2019 Newsletter

In six months, Tobacco Free Portfolios welcomed 19 new Signatories to the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge bringing the total number of Signatories to 129. These Signatories represent US$8.25 Trillion Assets Under Management and US$2.08 Trillion Corporate Loan Books with Gross Insurance Premiums amounting to US$186 Billion. This newsletter also  acknowledges IDLC Finance Limited of Bangladesh –…

June 2019 Newsletter

2019 saw a dramatic increase in awareness of tobacco-free finance and implementation of new investment frameworks that consistently saw tobacco excluded from portfolios. These decisions are better for human health and better for the planet. Pressure on tobacco companies continued to rise. New anti-tobacco regulations were implemented across the globe (including plain packaging, new tax increases,…

December 2018 Newsletter

Tobacco Free Portfolios launched the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge during the UN General Assembly in New York City in September 2018  with 93 Founding Signatories with combined AUM of US$6 trillion. This newsletter features highlights and give thanks to Governments of Australia and France that co-sponsored the event and UN and corporate partners for driving global…

June 2018 Newsletter

2018 started on a high note when in January the Dutch pension giant ABP announced their tobacco-free move. It was a great pleasure to work with ABP in reaching this decision and we were delighted to welcome ABP Trustee 􏰉Xander Den 􏰊Uyl to the Tobacco Free Portfolios Global Advisory Council. Other tobacco-free announcements to hit…

December 2017 Newsletter

Tobacco Free Portfolios shares highlights from 2017. Momentum towards tobacco-free finance accelerated markedly and advanced to include major financial organisations in more than a dozen leading economies. We have been active in 25 cities in 16 countries spanning four continents.

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