UK’s Largest Private Pension Fund to Exit Tobacco

The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), which oversees more than 68 billion pounds (USD 84 billion) of assets, will begin selling its holdings in these industries within two years and will exclude any further investment, according to a statement on Monday from USS’s main investment manager and adviser.

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Return Impact of Sustainability Decisions

AP4 follows up the return impact of sustainability decisions in the portfolio. This follow-up illustrates how the companies that AP4 has decided to not invest in have performed in relation to a broad index…. A positive return contribution in the chart shows that the effect of excluding certain companies has made a positive contribution to the portfolio’s return compared with a broad index and vice versa.

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SEB Move to Tobacco-Free

…no investments are made in companies or company groups that produce or distribute tobacco products. The goal is to completely exclude companies that produce tobacco. Thus, the maximum turnover for a company is 0%.

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Mark Fawcett, Nest’s CIO “…Tobacco companies are facing legal challenges across the world from governments taking action against an industry causing serious harm to their citizens. The harsher regulatory environment stops tobacco companies from attracting new customers and increasing their market share of existing smokers. In our opinion, tobacco is a struggling industry which is being regulated out of existence.

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